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Date Support Band Title Information Condition Picture Audio Price €  
05/05/16 LP TOY DOLLS Idle gossip Original UK issue. Volume Records (VOLP 3) '86. (12 tracks) m-/m- See 18 Buy it
04/05/16 LP ED KUEPPER - EDMUND KUEPPER Today wonder Founding member of seminal Australian punk band The Saints and ex-Laughing clowns. With Inner sleeve and sticker. Germany. Rattlesnake (RTD 30505061) '90. vg++/ex See 10 Buy it
04/05/16 LP BITCH Be my slave Ring wear. Rare Original US issue. Comes with a large b&w photo of Betsy and a separate lyric sheet and an Enigma insert. Metal Blade Records, Enigma Records (MBR 1007, E1007) '83. (10 tracks) vg+/m- See 23 Buy it
03/05/16 LP BITCH Damnation alley Ring wear. Original US issue. Rare pressing with Metal Blade logo at top of labels, and all text on front and back of jacket in red font. Metal Blade (MBR 1002) '82. (5 t.) vg+/m- See 23 Buy it
02/05/16 LP PHIL GAMMAGE Night train Debut of ring wear. In Groups: Certain General, Joey Vain & Scissors, The Corvairs, The Scarlet Dukes. Original French issue. New Rose Records (ROSE 214) '90. (10 tracks) ex-/m- See 10 Buy it
02/05/16 LP VARIOUS ROCK A LIMOGES Rare. RAFF (Unreleased track), QUARTIER LOUCHE, ANTLIA (Hard/Heavy), LENSKI LIGUE, LOGE P4 (Cold wave) & MEDIKAO (Great Cold Wave Minimal Synth track). Private / Radio trouble fete (rtf 2001) '86. (6 b./6 t.) ex/vg+ See 25 Buy it
02/05/16 LP GOGOL PREMIER ET LA HORDE Vite avant la saisie French pressing with "Deconseille aux personnes sensibles". Accord (ACV 130048) ex/ex See 23 Buy it
28/04/16 LP VRP (LES) Remords et triste pets Scuffs. Rare LP with "Alexandrie, Alexandra" title. Inner Sleeve (stains). Philips (842 326-1) '89. (11 tracks) vg+/vg See 25 Buy it
28/04/16 LP NEW MATH Gardens Debut of ring wear. Original US Pressing. Brain Eater (ENVY 1) '84. (7 tracks) vg++/m- See 10 Buy it
27/04/16 LP TOY DOLLS Wakey wakey ! 1 scuff. Original UK issue. Receiver Records Limited (RRLP 119) '89. (14 t.) m-/ex See 16 Buy it
27/04/16 LP SANZ Sweet revenge Rare Original French LP. 500 copies. Private (PS 86) '86. (8 t.) vg+/ex- See 25 Buy it
27/04/16 LP SCREAM Your choice live series A name on verso, adhesive tape. Inner sleeve. Germany. Your Choice Records (YC-LS 010) '91. (12 t.) ex/m- See 12 Buy it
27/04/16 7" STARSHOOTER Get baque Rare original issue. Two killer tracks. KBD. Collector! EMI (2C008.14536) '78. (2 t.) vg+/vg++ See 25 Buy it
26/04/16 LP WENDY O. WILLIAMS WOW Price tag tear on verso. Original French LP on Bernett Records (SB 18022) '84. (9 tracks) ex-/ex See 10 Buy it
26/04/16 LP ROSINA DE PEIRA E MARTINA Cancons de femnas - Cancons de hemnas - Cancons de fremas Writings on back cover. Gatefold PS. Original LP. Revolum (REV 018) '79. (14 tracks) ex/m- See 25 Buy it
22/04/16 LPX2 GOGOL ET SA HORDE - GOGOL PREMIER ET LA HORDE La Suisse a genoux Insert. Rare Double LP. France. Accord (130095) '87. (18 tracks) vg++/ex/ex See 18 Buy it
21/04/16 LP RUTS DC Animal now Original German issue with Inner Sleeve. Virgin (203 705-320) '81. (9 t.) vg/vg+ See 10 Buy it
21/04/16 12" EAST BAY RAY - RAY PEPPERELL OF DEAD KENNEDYS Trouble in town Ring wear. Original 12". Dead Kennedys guitarist. France. Gougnaf Mouvement (GM 040) '88. (4 t.) vg+/ex See 10 Buy it
20/04/16 LP TOY DOLLS A far out disc Original UK issue. Volume Records (VOLP 2) '84. (16 t.) ex/ex See 18 Buy it
20/04/16 LP HOLOCAUST No mans land Rare Original. UK. Phoenix (PSPLP 5) '84. (11 t.) ex/ex See 23 Buy it
20/04/16 7" STAND BACK It's really got a hold on us Rare Original UK 7". Etude Records (SB 1) '86. (2 t.) ex/m- See 20 Buy it
19/04/16 LP VIOLET EVES Promenade Great LP. Original French issue. IRA (IRA 103) '88. (9 t.) ex-/ex- See 12 Buy it
19/04/16 7" PIGALLE Pigalle Original 7". French press. Boucherie Productions (101097) '90. (2 t.) vg+/vg+ See 10 Buy it
18/04/16 LP GANG GREEN I81B4U Euro. pressing. Roadrunner Records (RR 9500-1) '88. (5 t.) m-/m- See 10 Buy it
15/04/16 LP CATHARSIS S/t - Ouverture Rare Original LP. Gatefold PS. French issue. Saravah (SH 10 035, brown & white labels, price code (U)) '72. (6 t.) ex/ex See 25 Buy it
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